Barista pretends to get fired to prank rude customers

Barista pretends to get fired to prank rude customers

A barista has been called ‘nasty’ by her friends after telling them about the prank she plays on customers at her job in a cafe.

Posting to the “r/AmITheA–hole” (AITA) subReddit, she described how the prank happened.

In her post, the high school student explained how often she dealt with hostile and angry customers who all seemed to be in a bad mood.

She says she’s had enough of grown adults getting mad at her, so she gets revenge by playing a trick on them.

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The barista takes revenge on the angry customers by having her colleague pretend to fire her.

The high school student says that it happens regularly that people walk into the cafĂ© “angry about such small things. Like literally exploding for nothing”.

“How sad,” she wrote, “it takes a grown man to vent your anger at high school and college kids.”

So she and her colleague James, a shift manager, decided to have a little fun with the next angry customer who entered the cafe.

Sure enough, she soon had a customer “who was getting upset about us not making the coffee hot enough” – a problem she says she can’t even solve, since the coffee comes directly from a machine.

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