TikToker used tortilla chips to measure Micro Thong, Bralette skims

TikToker used tortilla chips to measure Micro Thong, Bralette skims

  • A woman shared a video of her Skims micro bralette and thong on TikTok on January 22.
  • She used Trader Joe’s restaurant-style chips to demonstrate the sizing, which went viral on TikTok.
  • The video also prompted fans to exchange jokes in the comments section.

Much to the internet’s amusement, a woman has used Trader Joe’s restaurant-style potato chips to show off the size of her micro bralette and Skims thong.

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and clothing line, Skims, made waves on TikTok last Sunday when a woman named Sarah, under her account @bbysarita, shared a video about a recent purchase. She told Insider that she “tried her luck” with Skims Fits Everybody Micro Thong and Micro Triangle Bralette, which cost around $40 in total.

“So if you’ve looked at the SKIMS micro bikini and are wondering about size, these are tortillas for scale,” Sarah said. She included a photo of the comparison, which showed the bralette cups and the front of the thong covered in individual chips.

SKIMS review on TikTok by bbysarita

A photo of the Skims bralette and micro thong from @bbysarita’s TikTok account.


Sarah then tried on the bralette and micro thong set and shared her thoughts in a follow-up video.

Representatives for Skims did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Sarah took to TikTok about the bralette and micro thong after her boyfriend and friend playfully called it ‘the Dorito bikini’

Sarah, a 28-year-old software engineer, told Insider she decided to try her luck with the silver bralette and micro thong after they went on sale. She had previously bought the bralette in two separate colors for a summer music festival, but tried on the micro thong once the underwear arrived at her house after a recent order.

“I laughed a lot at how small it was,” Sarah said. “I was surprised how small the stockings were, especially when I tried them on over clothes. It was all string.”

The idea to share the size comparison on TikTok came about after Sarah’s boyfriend, Ryan, and their mutual friend, Sean, made fun of the bralette and micro thong.

“My boyfriend Ryan and our best friend Sean called it the Dorito bikini when I wore the top at first,” Sarah said. “We were crying with laughter at the waistline of the bottoms, and he pulled the tortillas out of the cupboard and made a comparison. The chips were bigger than all the fabric in the bikini.”

Sarah said her boyfriend later sent her the photo, which she first posted on her Instagram Stories before sharing it on TikTok. The video quickly went viral on the app, racking up more than 7.9 million views in less than a week and nearly 5,000 comments from TikTok users – many of whom joked about the ordeal.

“(opens Doritos bag) dodge dupe,” read one comment with 20,000 likes.

“My beefy 5 layer purrito is made from at least 5 tortilla chips,” added another comment with 67,000 likes.

Even Urban Decay’s official TikTok account weighed in, writing, “pass the guac.”

According to Sarah, the jokes and the array of double meanings stood out when the video started gaining traction online.

“I was surprised when the social media manager for Urban Decay Cosmetics started cracking jokes,” Sarah said. “I’m waiting to see if Kim will react.”

And while most of the comments were in jest, some TikTok users noted that the bralette would be perfect for those with smaller chests.

“FINALLY A BRA FOR ME,” one person wrote.

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